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Find out how some of our existing hotel franchisees have built success by applying the Quest business model.



 Quest Albany, Auckland

"One of my best friends had been operating Quest for some time and we had discussed  operating one together. Opportunity came for Albany and we did not hesitate to jump to the  opportunity as I knew Quest had a proven successful operating structure and model. It’s been 5  years since joining the Quest network and it has been an enjoyable journey since. Owning a  Quest franchise provides me with the kind of lifestyle I was after. I now enjoy the convenience  of living onsite and the flexibility to adapt my work schedule. I’m looking forward to more years  as I further strengthen the franchise even more."



Quest New Plymouth, New Plymouth

"My background is in IT Program Management - running large programs of work for Tier 1 IT companies like HP in New Zealand, USA and Australia most recently. I love the Quest model and I wish we'd found it sooner. I really appreciate the support and systems coming from a Program Management background. We keep building on these processes and our goal is to be at the forefront of customer service, there are so many great examples with the Quest group. I've enjoyed the sharing of wealth of information with Franchise Directors and Quest support team, I've dealt with in the past years.
Quest has allowed us to move back to the provinces for our family, it also has given us the opportunity to keep building a great business and team and to be involved in the community.”


Quest Newmarket, Auckland

"Having come from two totally different careers and deciding to purchase the Quest in Newmarket we are completely satisfied with the decision we made to join this accomodation group. We have had excellent support from the head office, not only in the training on running the hotel but also with ongoing support. Quest Apartment Hotels has a very good reputation and endeavours to keep all it’s serviced apartment’s to a high standard, therefore we are able to claim a fair room charge. Friends recommended that we purchase a Quest Franchise and now we are also in a position that we would definitely recommend a Quest Franchise as we believe  this is a brand that will only grow stronger."


Quest Atrium, Wellington

"We felt Quest’s clear business philosophy has positioned it as a successful and reputable brand over the years. This, together with Quest’s well-established franchise platforms and structure, has provided us with the opportunity for a lifestyle change in Wellington. We would certainly recommend to anyone, whether they have a background in hospitality or not, to consider a Quest franchise. Since joining Quest, we have found that each franchisee is part of the bigger Quest family, where support is readily available and success is supported and celebrated."



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